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Scheduling Overtime Alerts/verification
Feature request
Under Review July 07, 2022
Having a function in the scheduling module where an employee is being scheduled for more than a designated amount of hours per week, an auto alert and possibly a verification process should also be activated. This is crucial for the function of mine and any large business trying to schedule shifts while preventing unplanned overtime. In our case, I would like to give my site supervisors the duty of scheduling shifts on the Fingercheck Scheduling module, but I have to use different software to provide them with alerts during the scheduling process. This alert or verification system should be subject to the company as opposed to a specific job site, as one may have a single employee working in several locations etc. Additionally, if approval is given to schedule the overtime after the alert, approvals should be given every time additional overtime is trying to be scheduled. Color coding employees with overtime scheduled should be an added feature as well.
Thank you for your feedback.
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